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Katie Lewis

Chief of Operation

Katie Lewis, our Chief of Operations, was once a competitive hemp rope tug-of-war champion. One day, while exploring the higher realms of relaxation, Katie decided she wanted to "pull" the cannabis industry to new heights. With a deep passion for streamline and green-line operations, she’s been cultivating success, ensuring we’re never in the weeds but always have the weeds we need. She’s our supreme leader in optimizing the flow of greens and ensuring every client feels like they've hit the jackpot strain.


Paco Garay

Business Development

Behold Paco Garay, the Enigmatic Sage of Green Serenity and our Conductor of Business Elysium! Paco’s journey began in the secret, mist-shrouded valleys of Tibet, where ancient monks, guardians of forgotten cannabis lore, bestowed upon him the mysterious arts of Herbomancy. With his newly acquired celestial abilities, he can commune with the very spirit of the cannabis and befriend any entity in the green realms, be they mortal, ethereal, or botanical. His arcane talents weave networks of trust and mutual prosperity in the cannabis cosmos, enveloping all in a haze of harmonious collaborations. Paco is our beacon through the mystical fog, ensuring our pathways are always aligned with the stars of opportunity and our roots delve deep into the fertile soils of synergy. With Paco, every leaf whispers secrets of unseen worlds, and every bud blooms with the promise of uncharted territories.


Jennifer Davis

Sales & Relations

Meet Jennifer Davis, the Queen of Green Relations and our Sultana of Sales! Jennifer commenced her journey in the enchanted fields of Cannabisylvania, where she harmonized with the herbaceous inhabitants and learned the ancient arts of dank diplomacy. Jennifer has a knack for rolling up the best deals and sparking up illuminating conversations, ensuring our clients always feel they’re on a higher plane of existence. She is the backbone of our blooming relations, making sure every experience is a puff above the rest.

Ashtyn Crosson 2.jpg

Ashtyn Crosson

Customer Support

Ashtyn Crosson, our Guardian of the Ganja Galaxy and Commander of Customer Support, discovered her calling amidst the whispering winds of Weedtopia. Ashtyn, with her enchanted headset, listens to the symphonies of the sativas and the ballads of the indicas to resolve the myriad mysteries of the marijuana multiverse. Whether you're lost in the forest of confusion or just need a friendly bud to talk to, Ashtyn is here to clear the smoke and light the way to sublime satisfaction.

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