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Everyday Cannabis Funding

Created to provide a financing marketplace to cannabis operators, Weird Loan Girl & Upwise Capital is 100% committed to serving the best debt financing options to our clients in the cannabis industry. We are the wise, fast and transparent solution that cannabis business owners everywhere can always rely on. Our knowledge of the cannabis debt market and understanding of cannabis valuation is what makes our firm the wise choice when exploring debt.


We understand the unique challenges and exciting growth opportunities that the cannabis industry presents, and we've tailored our offerings to cater to your specific needs. As a specialist in cannabis business funding, we are committed to supporting our partners in achieving their goals through the following financial services:

Start-Up Funding: For aspiring entrepreneurs who have the passion and vision to establish their own cannabis dispensaries, we offer initial capital support to kick-start your journey.

Working Capital Funding: If you're an existing dispensary owner looking to scale your operations, or simply seeking to improve your cash flow, our working capital funding can provide the necessary resources to propel your growth.


Katie Lewis - Weird Loan Girl

Equipment Funding: For those interested in diversifying their operations into extraction, testing, and distilling, we offer dedicated equipment funding to help you acquire the specialized machinery you need.

Real Estate Funding: If you're looking to establish or expand grow facilities, our real estate funding can help make your plans a reality.

Whether you're just starting or aiming to reach the next level, Weird Loan Girl has got you covered. We're here to nurture your growth by ensuring that your financial needs are met, every step of the way.

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Excellent Service!

“Joe and the Upwise team gave our company A+ customer service! We are a cannabis company that needed over $2MM in working capital quickly and they made it happen. Would definitely recommend using them.”

Our Cannabis Partner!

“They are professional and timely and work hard to find a package that works well for all parties. I recommend using their services if you are seeking a capital partner in the cannabis space."





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